With ParkBlue, parking operators will be able to create a cloud-based service that enables them to convert transient clients to registered users. Drivers will be able to register, reserve, navigate and pay for parking through a user friendly, intuitive application. Upon arrival at the parking garage, drivers will be able to open the barrier gate regardless of the actual PARCS technology deployed. Upon exit, the driver’s preregistered account will be charged automatically for parking.

The ParkBlue Suite consists of three main components.

A cloud-based management system that shows parking availability, reservations, payment and billing, customer management for campaigns, ads and coupons, and loyalty programs. In addition, the management system provides substantial benefits to operators including Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics, spill-over management between the operator’s facilities, driver information analysis, dynamic pricing, and personalized campaigns.

Bluetooth enabled IoT devices for authentication, empowering drivers to securely open barrier gates, start/stop parking time and finalize payment. Operators will benefit from rapid installation and seamless authentication of drivers.

The mobile application and SDK allow operators to white-label their own service and use it to register drivers with appropriate identification and payment method. Operators will be able to increase brand awareness, improve occupancy, and communicate with the driver throughout the experience. The SDK allows full integration with third party mobile apps as well as with parking.