Project Management

Engineering: Product Design and Selection Standards

The Engineering Department is a critical component of System Implementation. CSI’s approach to engineering follows these guidelines:


  • Standardization. One of the key reasons for CSI’s success is the development of documentation standards for installations. These standards are created for electronic field devices, data gathering panels, and wiring harnesses. Standardization insures consistent installation techniques, which minimizes future maintenance requirements, improves the overall reliability of the system, and makes the installation process a truly “repeatable” process.


  • Reliability. The reliability of all components integrated into CSI’s systems is based upon CSI’s field experience. Reliability incorporates a host of issues including: susceptibility to power fluctuations, ability to re-boot after accidental shutdown, durability and ease of use. CSI also reviews the Mean Time Between Failure data from the manufacturer as part of our evaluation process.


  • Serviceability. Standardization works hand-in-hand with serviceability, reducing Mean Time To Repair periods and improving system reliability.


  • Capability: Our engineering Department can provide you with Lane Design, configuration and traffic flow, Shop and CAD Drawings, Project Management and Subcontractor coordination as well as confidence in our PCI Compliance.
Baseline Package:

The first step in managing the implementation of a PARCS is to develop a Baseline Package—a formalized statement of work. The development of a Baseline Package ensures that all departments within CSI are working from the same sheet of music. This information is entered into CSI’s Job Costing and Project Management software to enable proper tracking of the job progress. Once approved by all of CSI’s departments, the Baseline Package is used by the Field Installation Technicians to install the system. All field changes made to these documents are included with the As-Built Package delivered at project completion.

Project Completion Process:

The last phase of the project requires attention to detail and additional resources to bring the system on-line with minimal disruptions. This process includes:

  • Acceptance Testing
  • Submission of Final Documentation
  • System Training
  • Transition to the Customer Care Department
The Submittal Process:

Submittals are made in three steps. The initial submittal is prepared for the customer’s review. A second submittal is made to correct any changes and establish the Baseline Package. Once the Baseline Package is accepted, the project will begin. At the completion of the project, a final submittal of the As-Built Package is made including the AS-BUILT DRAWINGS.


CSI includes complete training of the customer’s staff prior to having the system go live. CSI also offers classroom instruction in its corporate office for comprehensive, in-depth sessions that include live equipment. CSI’s training courses show the customer how to make the best use of the technological possibilities offered by our systems in order to manage their parking spaces and deal with their clients. This aim is achieved through intensive training in use of the applications.