Hosted or Non-Hosted, CSI can provide you with central management and control software which utilizes architecture to monitor and control one location or multi-location parking operations from a single central back office head end.  This software includes a variety of modules that allow you to process credit cards, manage your parkers and employees and provide bar-coded validations quickly.  Setting new standards when it comes to mission critical software solutions with user friendliness and ease of use, this parking management software has it all.


This all-in-one LPR recognition unit is a robust image processing system that captures car plate images and identifies their license numbers. This sophisticated computer-camera-illumination unit, is fully enclosed with its embedded microprocessor and internal software recognition package, and performs all functions of an LPR system. Upon entry to the parking facility, a snapshot of the license plate is taken and printed on the transient ticket that is pulled from the ticket dispenser. The transient transaction will “carry” the license plate number for the duration of the parking, until the vehicle has left the parking area. The LPR unit integrates seamlessly into the TIBA-SmartPark management software.


Desktop Validation allows the merchant to validate the parking ticket with a variety of rates and validation types.  Modular and compact, this Desktop Validation Unit is perfect for merchants of all types.

Self-Scan Validation allows the customer to scan their parking ticket to get it validated.

Smart Validation Stickers are barcode-based validation labels created on-the-fly using the parking management software.

Mobile Validation allows your smartphone to become a validation unit with iValidation.  The user simply opens the app and snaps a picture of their customer’s ticket.

Web Validation System now through a module in TIBA SmartPark management software, any computer can validate with a variety of validation types.



The newest technologies integrate into TIBA’s revenue control system to accommodate modern conveniences such as e-reservation systems and mobile pay.  TIBA’s software is flexible and easily integrates with third party solutions.  Currently available are integrations with mobile applications in hundreds of cities to help direct drivers to available spaces, reducing emissions and congestion.  Integrated solutions are available for all aspects of hotel parking including; overnight guest self-parking, visitor self-parking, event self-parking, vendor self-parking, overnight valet, visitor valet, event valet, park-&-fly and employee parking.


CSI has partnered with ZipPark, Inc. to provide effective gateless revenue control solutions to owners and managers of hotels, valet and event parking. The ZipPark System is comprised of zControl valet parking software, best of breed hardware components, and powerful and secure WiFi technology. zControl has a rapidly growing list of standard interfaces which means integrated solutions will be up-and-running quickly. The ZipPark System is easy to install, train on and operate for every type of facility.



The comprehensive IPS Meter System enables remote control of an entire parking network at any time.  Seamlessly integrated solutions for enforcement and permitting allow Cities to respond to violations and permit requests in real time, maximizing efficiency across the parking network.  The IPS enforcement product suite integrates seamlessly with existing parking technology, such as single- and multi-space Smart Parking meters, vehicle detection sensors, License Plate Recognition technology, and pay-by-phone applications.  IPS provides a comprehensive Mobile Enforcement Solution which includes a one or two-piece handheld citation writer for enforcement officers; a web-based Enforcement Management System which tracks and monitors all stages of the citation process in real time; and an Online Public Portal for motorists to efficiently and conveniently pay, contest or resolve a citation.


Our approach to this market vertical is simple.  To provide effective revenue control solutions to owners and management companies with little or no impact to a positive guest experience. We cover the entire spectrum of hotel properties from large and medium sized hotel brands to small boutique clients.  CSI provides integrated solutions for all aspects of hotel parking including; overnight guest self-parking, visitor self-parking, event self-parking, vendor self-parking, overnight valet, visitor valet, event valet, park-&-fly and employee parking.  Smart technology solutions, effective revenue management and positive guest experience.



CSI provides an ultra-convenient and intelligent solution for airport parking where customers can breeze through the airport’s parking facility and head swiftly for check-in.  The numerous car parks, thousands of commercial vehicles, high volume of entry/exits require a versatile and efficient system capable of these demands.  Advanced technology processes tickets quickly; reducing lines and waits for entering and exiting cars.  Our airport solution has low pricing over the life of the equipment.  With state of the art equipment and scalable software, CSI provides an intelligent and flexible central management system user friendly interface, third party integration solutions and security/fraud protection.


Medical Center parking operations are sometimes the most challenging of any market segment. Patients, families, doctors, employees and visitors all have unique requirements and the PARCS system must be extremely flexible to accommodate these client types.  TIBA’s modular design is simple, user friendly and easily configured to manage Medical Center clientele.  Owner and operators of these facilities are constantly balancing the priorities of customer service and revenues streams.  TIBA PARCS systems can help you manage that balance with smart technologies at affordable prices.



Universities around the country are looking for ways to cut costs and maximize revenue streams in today’s changing economy.  Universities require a broad range of access and revenue control solutions to accommodate faculty, students, employees and rotating staff assignments.  TIBA’s intelligent PARCs system can provide Universities and Colleges flexible and affordable solutions to meet those objectives.


Municipalities continuously seek solutions to aid efficiency and eliminate congestion while meeting the needs of their many citizens.  The sheer number of parking facilities in any single city serves a challenge for municipalities hoping to maximize convenience and internal reporting and monitoring.  TIBA provides the most up to date technology and payment options such as credit card, mobile pay services and pay by phone allowing for more revenue tracking and monitoring.  TIBA’s highly reliable and robust system is scalable to support hundreds of facilities and is flexible to provide the best service for your entire city.



Shopping malls represent some of the busiest parking facilities in the country, each with a diverse customer population.  Mall owners must balance discounted or subsidized parking revenue streams with maintaining a positive parking experience for the shopper.  TIBA’s user friendly PARCS system is designed to accommodate diverse populations requiring flexible payment options and validation programs.  TIBA’s durable components coupled with a long and dependable life cycle perform well in high volume retail properties.  TIBA’s intelligent PARCs system gives mall owners and managers flexible and affordable solutions to meet their needs.