SW-30 Exit Verifier


The Exit Verifier is your patron’s final encounter with your parking facility, so ease and reliability are of utmost importance. The SW-30 is the industry’s most reliable ticket processing device, allowing effortless exiting for your customers while maintaining the security of your system. Customers can either insert their tickets paid at an Automatic Pay Station or can Pay-at-Exit via credit card. The system also recognizes validations by stickers and vouchers. Patrons can print receipts from the built in printer for further ease of use. The interior device is mounted on sturdy sliding tracks which glide open with just a pull, allowing for easy maintenance and ticket retrieval.

The Exit Verifier also has an option for a built in intercom system and a proximity card reader which permits monthly customers to exit with a simple wave of their card. As are most other TIBA devices, the SW-30 is constructed from rugged stainless steel.


  • Motorized Barcode reader to scan and process tickets
  • TFT Color hi-res display
  • Loop detector
  • EMV compatible with dual interface for chip and magnetic stripe cards for credit card payment
  • Magnetic card reader for hotel guests, value cards and credit card users
  • Proximity card reader
  • Analog, digital or VOIP intercom
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Dataline surge protector and heater
  • Custom graphic panels